The benchmark in freight transportation since 1958

Our team of more than 25 truckers and employees specialized in brokerage, logistics and transportation using flatbed semi-trailers and van semi-trailers handles the transportation of your goods and equipment throughout North America.

Our fleet

Our fleet is made up of flatbed and van semi-trailers (48 and 53 feet), curtain side trailers and B-trains. We also have several other pieces of equipment adapted to the transportation of a range of products and materials across North America.

  • 25


  • 75


Across North America

About us

Founded in 1958, Les Établissements Dubois is a transportation company specializing in freight transportation, brokerage and logistics. In 2021, it joined the Express Mondor family, which is also well established in the transportation industry. Les Établissements Dubois has C-TPAT certification for the transportation of goods in Canada and the United States. It also provides brokerage and logistics services for the transport of goods to Mexico.